We primarily breed labs, but we do have a pair of Newfies that are our pets and we will occasionally have a litter.  Please specify if you are contacting us about a Newfoundland, otherwise, the information you receive will be regarding Labradors.  Thanks!!!

Shiva's puppies are sold!

We do have a couple of new girls, one black & one landseer which we will hopefully be breeding in the very near future.  To inquire on these litters, please call or text 9408720381 or contact us through this site!




Newfie is a stunning all black male and is an outstanding representation of the breed.  He is a true gentle giant with a super sweet, sensitive, goofy personality and a mellow, easy-to-live-with demeanor.  He portrays a calm presence everywhere he goes and is quite the showstopper with his excellent conformation and elegant movement.  Newfie is truly a magnificent beast weighing in at 160 pounds!  His dam is a Hungarian import and sire was imported from Serbia.  His pedigree also includes dogs from Spain & Slovakia.  

 Newfie is DNA CLEAR of all known genetic diseases that affect the breed, ensuring that no offspring produced by him can ever be affected by any of these devastating diseases.  He also has cardiac clearance as well and is free of congenital defect. 





Shiva is our "Irish Spotted" girl, meaning that she has a black base coat, with white markings on her neck and underside, feet, and tip of tail.  She is fun-loving and wants nothing more than to be wherever the people are.  Shiva LOVES everyone and everything and is by your side no matter what, eager to enjoy every curiosity life throws her.  Shiva weighs in around 130 pounds and will continue filling out over the next year.  Her pedigree includes bloodlines from Hungary as well.  

This pairing will produce puppies with a traditional dominant black coat.  Puppies will range from no white markings at all, to various sized chest blazes and/or toe tips, to full "Irish Spotting".  We will not get Landseer, brown, or grey puppies from this pair.