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We are a small breeder of English/ show style Labrador Retrievers located in rural North Texas.  Although there is only one Labrador breed, there are two widely recognized sub-types within the breed.  Our breeding program focuses on the "English" type, also referred to as show or bench type.  "English" style labs are very different from the more common "American" or field style labs in both physical appearance and temperament.  We feel that the English lines produce dogs better suited for family pets, which is the main focus of our program.  You can find a great article describing the differences here:    http://www.labradortraininghq.com/labrador-breed-information/the-difference-between-american-and-english-labradors  

All of our dogs are from "English" lines and boast amazing pedigrees with multiple championship titles in conformation/bench and some in agility and field trials as well.  Just let us know what you're planned purpose for a dog is and we can recommend the lines and breeding best suited to your needs.  We have litters throughout the year and produce all three recognized colors...yellow, chocolate, and black.  


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We are AKC inspected with 100% compliance.


All of our breeding dogs are healthy and free of disease, dysplasia, and hereditary defects.  Parents are DNA tested for EIC, PRA, CNM, DM, HNPK, Cystinuria, & Hyperuricosuria as needed to guarantee that no puppies produced by us will ever be affected by any of these devastating diseases.  All puppies are checked over by our vet prior to leaving us and come with a written health guarantee against genetic defects. 

akc papers

All of our dogs are registered with the AKC.  If you are just looking for a pet, your puppy will come with limited AKC registration papers, which you can fill out and send in to complete the registration process.  Full AKC registration is available for puppies placed in breeding or show homes at additional cost.  If you are seeking full registration, please let us know when you first inquire so that we can give you the appropriate information.


While we prefer puppies to be picked up in person, we can sometimes arrange to meet or deliver for a small fee.  We do also offer year-round air shipping via United Airlines PetSafe program.   We have found this option to offer the most comfortable experience to both puppies and customers, excelling in service, safety, and price.  There is an additional $400-$450 fee, which covers airfare, crate, paperwork, and interstate travel vet exam.

Some of our puppies in Patriot Paws' service dog training program!!

A few of our favorite pics of current & past dogs...